Paro Mishra

Research Areas: Gender and Technology, New reproductive Technologies, Digital Technologies, Demographic Anthropology, Intimate Relations, Migration and Transnationalism

Gayatri Nair

Research Areas: Informal Labour, Urban Informalities, Technology, Gender, and Caste, Digital work and platform economy,Future of Workers Resource-based livelihoods.

Soibam Haripriya

Research Areas: Gender, Violence, Northeast India, Poetry and Fiction in Ethnography of Violence and Digital Ethnography

Shivangi Patel (PhD20403)

Research Areas: Living Apart Together; A Study of Intergenerational Care Circulation in Transnational context with a focus on Indian Older Persons.

Manta Wangsu (PhD20406)

Research Areas: Resource Extractions, Infrastructural Development, Tribes, Northeastern Studies

Madhuvani Y (PhD21410)

Research Areas: Politics of/in urban space

Aswino Gomango (PhD21405)

Research Areas: Religious conversation and economy among tribes in India.

Abhijay (Phd21406)

Research Areas: Anthropology and Sociology of Sports, Anthropology of Public policy, South Asian Anthropology, Body studies and Applied Social Research.

Piyush (PhD21409)

Research Areas: Digital transformations and Media.

Namrita Mandal (PhD21407)

Research Areas: Recent trends of Bariatric surgery among younger urban population in Indian context : A socio-cultural study.

Monika Singh (PhD21408)

Research Areas: Repartnerships in late life.

Shiva S (PhD20401)

Research Areas: Women Volunteers and Scheme Work: A study of ASHAs and Anganwadi Workers in Delhi.

Shruthy Harilal (PhD20404)

Research Areas: “Cherujanmavakasham and Intergenerational mobility; A Sociological Study of Theyyam among the Vannans of North Kerala.”